Hello spectators!

And welcome!

What are the impacts of #socialmedia on brand rep?

This blog is about brand reputation and communication in the new digital landscape.

If you’re interested in social media, brand rep, the changing nature of how we communicate with each other and how these are becoming increasingly entangled… or if you’re a student of ‘Rethinking Media’ at UTS, this is the place for you.

Over the next six weeks, I’d like to share my thoughts and observations on themes and topics related to the above with the intention of provoking thought and generating conversation.

Whilst I have a whole raft of ideas to float, I thought I would get participation started with a question:

What does brand reputation mean to you?

Looking forward to our conversations to come!



5 thoughts on “Hello spectators!

  1. When I think of brand reputation I usually think of the quality of the good or service being provided by that brand… and the values that are espoused. For example these might be totally unfounded but Nike has a reputation for Asian sweatshops. However that doesn’t stop me from buying their goods.

  2. Brand reputation for me is all about the ability of brands to deliver on what they promise. It can’t be applied to only one element of a brand, it needs to encapsulate everything about a brand (i.e. products, service, CSR, etc.). In essence, brands that build trust and credibility usually are quite successful and the most valued by consumers.

  3. Apple don’t make computers anymore, they create technology that supports lifestyles. Studio S2 may be architects, but they deliver places for wellbeing. Brand reputation is the values of an organisation coming alive through their products/services, and comes from the experiences and stories of customers/clients. Good brand reputation comes from alignment of customer/client expectations of the needs they expect to be fulfilled and the actual experience of that delivery.

    • I really like your insightful response on this Geoff and I couldn’t agree more. I like the idea that brand reputation is about ‘the values of an organisation coming alive through their products/services’ and not simply about delivering on what they promise to do. Definitely something to be explored in further detail…

  4. For me, brand reputation is primarily the quality the brand represents. Eg in the airline industry, if I have the choice between a flight with Singapore Air or with Qantas, I will always choose Singapore Air because I have experienced the good quality of their services (and the bad quality of the Qantas service…). However, it seems that there are points that make people ignore brand reputation and still chose the product, a good example in Europe is the airline EasyJet, whose brand reputation is terrible because of the low quality services, but as the flights are enormously cheaper than with any other airline, people still fly with them.


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