Millennial consumers: the facts

The below infographic  is a snapshot of how digital natives / millennials operate in the digital landscape – their relationships with each other, brands and content.

Source: Patricia Resicker (


5 thoughts on “Millennial consumers: the facts

  1. I love these long graphic fact sheets filled with statistics, cute artwork, colours and logos.

    Gone will be the days of a list of statistics in plain black and white soon enough.

    Another way in which the digital landscape has changed the way we see things.

    • Aren’t they a fun way to present stats?!

      I think these infographics really embody how we (as digital natives) consume information – we scan, rather than read, and usually prefer topline information than the nitty gritty details – which we can delve into if we wish.

  2. My three year old knows how to use our iPad (or was that his iPad seeing as he’s on it so much??). The current crop of toddlers will well and truly be the first digital natives having grown up with touch screen tablets. What does the media future hold for them?
    Thanks for sharing the infographic!

  3. Nice infographic!! This is exactly how we receive most of information right now, at least ME.
    A funny thing I wanna say here is, today I just bought a whole pack of Lipton green milk tea, only because I saw someone posted “that milk tea tastes so good” on Weibo (a hybrid of twitter/fb in China) earlier before.
    “Word of mouth” works so much more effective since we get social networks!

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