Why brands need to get on social media. STAT.

The ubiquity of the Internet and social media has created an interactive and dialogic forum. Having an online presence goes beyond having a website – a static point for information – it is about creating a presence.

An article in the Australian Financial Review (p.2!) today highlights the importance of businesses needing to have a strong social media profile to mitigate risk and manage the brand’s reputation.

Having a social media presence not only provides brands with opportunity to communicate with target audiences, control over their online image, increase traffic to their website, listen / participate in conversations for customer service and product improvement,  it is also a means of validity and credibility.

Having your own social media profile is important to preserving your brand’s reputation

Not having an online reputation via a social media presence can be detrimental for your brand because:

  1. It suggests you have something to hide, looking suspicious
  2. You are providing the opportunity for someone else to impersonate you
  3. It decreases your ability to monitor / rectify deceitful information
  4. Your competitors are there and you’re not

Social media consultant, Laurel Papworth rightfully points out in the AFR article, “it’s really risky for organisations to not have a voice in social media.”

If brands reject social media now, they are not only falling behind the eight-ball, they are also risking the reputation of their brand.


2 thoughts on “Why brands need to get on social media. STAT.

  1. I love this topic. You make a great point about a social media presence also being a means of validity and credibility for brands. There are plenty of benefits for brands in the long term.

    I think one of the biggest issues is the fact that many brands still don’t have a solid understanding of the functions of social media platforms and aren’t prepared to engage in authentic, two-way communication with users. Too many brands still use their platforms solely for advertising/promotional purposes, and don’t encourage feedback or engage with customers- many flat out ignore questions and criticism too. I have personally come across a few brands who handle their Facebook pages so poorly that reputation wise, they have probably done more harm than good.

    I agree that it is crucial for brands to be active on social media these days- but they need to take the time to educate themselves and to be prepared for any consequences before they get to that point.

    • Thanks for your comment Hannah.

      You’re right that brands haven’t utilised social media to maximise on opportunity. I think the lack of knowledge and know-how has seen brands ‘transpose’ traditional notions of communication and PR onto social media to the detriment of forming relationships and engaging with consumers.


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