Do we need more proof?

The #socialmedia revolution is proving to be more than a fad – these figures show why brands need to jump on the band wagon – develop a strong social media presence, tapping into and joining the conversations of the upcoming generations (millennials) to promote world of mouth.


7 thoughts on “Do we need more proof?

  1. No, we don’t! I totally agree with Erik Qualman saying it is not even a question anymore if companys should use social media, it is rather a question how to use it effectively.

  2. The interesting question is, what’s next? I’m really excited about social innovation – where companies are integrated ideas from clients directly into their design process, either for products or services. It’s taking customer feedback to a whole new level, and amplifying word of mouth – after all, if you feel you were part of the design process, you are probably more likely to talk about the product, service, brand or company. But like Kay says above, the question is how do you use social media effectively – are your customers in the best position to know what they want?

    • You’re right Tam – integrating ideas from the clients/customers is providing them with a ‘buy-in’ and promotes customer evangelism. How do we use it effectively? Good question, some brands are further along the learning curve than others and I think using social media ‘effectively’ varies across different organisations. Case studies on who has/hasn’t to come!

      Customers may not necessarily know what they want but they are certainly becoming savvier in the way they search for what they are looking for to find the best service/product for their needs. This means interacting with people online, conducting research into what they are looking for and comparing products and prices, and reading reviews and forums.

  3. I really like Tam’s comment – what really is next?!
    The other day, one of my friends (who is a primary school teacher) was telling me how her kids were asking how old she was! Her response was “Very old. I was born before the Internet!” and the kids were amazed! They couldn’t believe it!
    I think this really shows how innovative we all are and the capacity people have to create more amazing things for everyone to use and share!
    Customer feedback was obviously too created to enhance experiences – everything is constantly changing, and from recent research, it seems the consumer is more in control then ever!

  4. Great video- it’s fascinating to see how big a part social media plays in our lives today. I agree with your comment above- brand’s really do need to consider the impact of online feedback. I’ve had quite a few experiences with brands on social media where I’ve asked them questions and literally been ignored, even though they have been online and uploading promotional content at the same time! I think many brands still haven’t caught up with their consumers and don’t realise these platforms need to be used for customer service as well as marketing/promotional purposes. In many cases, that’s where they are going wrong. There are so many benefits for brands on social media- they just need to understand it first!

  5. I loved this video when I first saw it in class. I imagine that probably one day I can introduce it into China. Last time, I found a Chinese version video, also very exciting. From my view, China not really pay much attention on social media work. But, the social media does have a large potential market, which can not be igored. In China, we still have a long way to go….

    Dear, plz help me to poll on my FB page. Thanks :))


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