Infographic: The psychology of social commerce

Although this infographic was designed to look at the psychofactors that influence social shopping, I think it is interesting as how we operate in the digital landscape.


6 thoughts on “Infographic: The psychology of social commerce

  1. Looking at this, I think it’s really important for retailers to realise that getting their own “likes” is pretty irrelevant – it is the sharing between people that is important, not so much between people and the retailer. We also have a much, much greater capacity to do all of these things through social media. And I agree with you, this may be natural human behaviour rather than directly related to shopping or retail. Cheers, geoff

  2. As Kate said, great infographic! Really breaks down some of the psychology towards social media and retail thinking… also makes me think that I see tonnes of infographics with miles of statistics all the time specifically related to social media. Like the blend of “old-world” art with the concepts and psychology of technology.

  3. I like the reciprocity one – we’re compelled to repay favours whether we asked for them or not. I certainly think that’s reflective of how we operate in the digital landscape. We engage online with those who engage with us, just like we used to write letters to those who wrote letters to us, or telephoned those who telephoned us.

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