The last hurrah.

As the deadline for content of this blog looms ever closer, I thought it would be a good time to make some comments on my learnings over the last few months.

Exploring the digital landscape and its use by brands to build on their reputational capital has been an interesting journey. With key concepts including medium theory and the second media age forming the backbone of my posts, I sought to show how social media has offered new tools for interactive and dialogic communication between brands and consumers, and between consumers themselves. Importantly, it has become another channel for brands to build on their reputations via relationship building and exposure in the digital world.

Drawing predominantly from ‘Reputation: realising value from the corporate image’ by Charles Fombrun, I hope to have shared why brands need to consider adapting to the new online media ecology and start participating in conversations and have tried to anchor these concepts in recent and interesting examples.

Finally, a big thank-you to all my spectators, without whom this blog would have had no interaction! You have all provided me with some great insights and your (sometimes) challenging questions have been very thought provoking. I do hope you have enjoyed my posts as much as I have enjoyed readings yours, no doubt I will speak to you soon!



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